Love You Are Unfair

There was a life I knew before you,
In my own comfortable comfort zone
Yes, I knew I had issues
Yes, I knew I had to deal with them obviously at some point
But in my own comfortable time and pace

Yet you came and forced me to live more
To put myself out there
To put myself in there
To open my heart and believe more in your existence
Which I did with my naive little mind and deceitful tiny heart

You sold me false dreams
I knew all was a fairytale,
But like in the movies, I believed they’ll come into existence
However, my producers and directors were not so skilled
The script was not perfect
And my prince charming did not even pitch for an audition
And I was informed,  even the studio was not booked
My word! There was no movie
This is reality

It is my reality
It is my devastating reality
The reality I have to face everyday
It is actually getting real and revealed more each day
That I was tricked to fall for a dream
But my alarm just went off
Damn I have been dreaming!
Love you’re so unfair

Published by Zamadlomo Mkhabela

Christian πŸ’« | Worshipper πŸ™ | Exhorter 🀝 | MC 🎀 | Information Technology πŸ’» | E-learning Content Builder πŸ“²

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