A Beautiful Rainbow

I begrudge people who

have permission to paint their

futures in any colours they fancy.

We all have dreams.

Beautiful colour schemes.

Which suddenly seem futile

due to the worn out brushes

life has served us.

We can’t mope.

We still hope,

for a beautiful rainbow.

#FOWC, begrudge
#3TC, colour – suddenly – permission
#Word-of-the-day, futile

Published by Zamadlomo Mkhabela

Christian πŸ’« | Worshipper πŸ™ | Exhorter 🀝 | MC 🎀 | Information Technology πŸ’» | E-learning Content Builder πŸ“²

34 thoughts on “A Beautiful Rainbow

  1. Actually, I disagree. The ideal is surely that everybody paints their future the colour they choose? I wouldn’t begrudge anybody that, but the converse – if that is not possible – I would certainly be asking “why not?”

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