Confessions Of An Adulting Woman

I can taste the wisdom,

experiences and beautiful

memories that comes with aging.

I can feel the long sleeves of

knowledge that comes with book caging.

I can sense the battle between

science and reality waging.

Sometimes I settle for what the society

expects, whilst my passion

and buried dreams are raging.

I draw strength from keeping

my childhood peace paging.

And what keeps me going is my

success gagging.

This is my adulting confession!

#FOWC, taste
#WOTD, aging
#3TC, book, sleeve and available (exclusive)

Published by Zamadlomo Mkhabela

Christian 💫 | Worshipper 🙏 | Exhorter 🤝 | MC 🎤 | Information Technology 💻 | E-learning Content Builder 📲

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