Case 49: The Supermarket

It’s a beautiful Thursday morning, the sun is out and the birds are singing to celebrate God for a new day. The Supermarket is stocked up with fresh fruits and vegetables as always, and the smell of beautifully packed flowers cannot be ignored. The seafood lovers are already queuing for the delicious and cheap prawns and hake the Supermarket is known for.

Some people just come for the friendly staff and ever- smiling manager who becomes a therapist at times, speaking of the multipurpose Supermarket.

“Are you Mr Smith, the manager?” a man in a navy suit asked the manager. “I am definitely the one, how may I assist you sir?” responding Mr Smith with a genuine smile he is known for.
“I am Detective Ross and these are my colleagues, Detective Zane and Detective Naidoo”, he calmy said while pointing at the gorgeous Zane and well dressed Naidoo, standing besides him.
“Detectives! I hope there is no problem”, responding Mr Smith, as calm as ever. “We have a warrant to search your supermarket. We got an anonymous tip off that The Supermarket is a front for drug operation”, those words just wiped the smile off Mr Smith’s face.
“Drug what!!? There must be a mistake Detective. We’ve been running a legitimate business for years and there are no drugs here! Did someone say they brought drugs from us?” Mr Smith’s face turned red, with both anger and agitation.
“Then you shouldn’t worry when we search. We would like to start at the lower floor”, saying angry but gorgeous Detective Zane.
“The lower floor is just our storeroom, there are no drugs there I swear”, panicking Mr Smith trying to explain.
“Old man, you’re wasting our time. We are here to work not to talk”, Detective Naidoo said angrily.

This is really happening, he is not dreaming and it is not a prank.
Detective Naidoo called five officers who were standing outside the store.
“Search everywhere! The lower floor, the upper floor, the kitchen, the garage, the parking, everywhere!”
The garage too! When Mr Smith heard that, he couldn’t hide the panic from his face.
“I am going to jail! I won’t survive a day in jail” he thought to himself while trying to remain calm.
“What was I thinking! I should have known that sooner or later we’ll get caught.”

The Supermarket has always been dealing drugs, the store is just a front as Detective Ross said. They hold private meetings in the lower floor, the “storeroom”. They have police officers, detectives, councilors and a mayor in their payroll, so they have been operating peacefully for years. The new team only started a couple of months ago and with their excellent record, they knew it was over. They decided to keep a low profile and moved all the drugs to the basement storeroom accessed through the garage.

“We have another door” shouted Detective Zane from the garage.
Everyone rushed to see what was inside, when they opened, they saw thousand grams of coke nicely cut and packaged .
“It seems as if we have a case” Zane continued.
“I told you I had a hunch when I decided to follow up on the tip off. We definitely have a case. Case 49: The Supermarket!” said Detective Naidoo with a smug on his face.

When Mr Smith heard that, he fainted and all the customers who have been watching the whole show screamed. This is a multipurpose Supermarket after all!

Activity #1

Published by Zamadlomo Mkhabela

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