A Night Owl

I cringe at its sight

I cringe at its existence

So much evilness embedded to its history

So much darkness embedded to its eyes

Huge eyes that stare at your soul without fear

Huge eyes that suck out all of your cheer

Does it even blink?

So much anger and ruthlessness in its face

Just staring at you in such a slow pace

Your body shivers at its trace

An owl is such a strange and scary bird!!!

Published by Zamadlomo Mkhabela

Christian πŸ’« | Worshipper πŸ™ | Exhorter 🀝 | MC 🎀 | Information Technology πŸ’» | E-learning Content Builder πŸ“²

17 thoughts on “A Night Owl

      1. I am in the UK but we live near to woods and also open countryside. We get tawny owls, barn owls, little owls. We hear the tawny owl every night 😊

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      2. No. Actually we love them. But as I am blind I can’t see them. But my husband can, and he relks me about them. I can hear them though

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