God Has Worked So Hard For Me To Be Here…

There were a lot of tears wiped

There were a lot of blessings released

There were a lot of paths cleared

There were a lot of battles fought

There was a lot of darkness shed light upon

There was a lot of love given

There was a lot of pain healed

There was a lot of forgiveness granted

There was a lot of me defeated,

so He could be revealed!

God has really worked so hard for me to be here

He has worked on me

He has worked through me,

and I am striving for His character everyday!

Published by Zamadlomo Mkhabela

Christian 💫 | Worshipper 🙏 | Exhorter 🤝 | MC 🎤 | Information Technology 💻 | E-learning Content Builder 📲

20 thoughts on “God Has Worked So Hard For Me To Be Here…

    1. Hello Cindy. Thank you so much for reading, much appreciated as always. I have been super busy lately, I don’t even have time for blogging. Had to take a break from the job for a while due to exams. On top of that I just started an internship… So I couldn’t do 2 jobs and exams…I am coping though by God’s grace.
      Thank you for caring and thinking of me. You’re dearly loved💜💙

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      1. Hi Zamadlomo! It was and is truly my pleasure!!!! Oh boy, I can only imagaine and you do what you need to do and bloggoing comes second or third in your case; so there’s that! Wow, you are busy and I’m glad to hear you are prioritizing! You are so welcome and just know I hold you in my heart while you need to be away! Awww that is so touching. Thank you and I feel the same about you. Stay well, grounded and centered!!! ❤️❤️❤️ Cindy

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  1. Oh I love your poem❣️

    You’ve given such a humble and honest description of finding our way back to our creator. It’s not necessary to have a miraculous divine moment. No, it’s the daily living that we don’t always see how He’s there in all the little moments of our life, waiting for us with open arms to return to him.

    Beautiful Zamadlomo❤️❤️🥰🤗

    You are a busy lady. Your words are appreciated whenever you’re able to share. Best of luck with all the many blessings in your life ❣️

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    1. Hello Teri, you always have a way of humbling me. I am so speechless right now… I am glad you loved this little piece of writing and you’re right, He is always there… Everyday, in everything that we do.

      The way I am so busy breaks my heart at times because I don’t have time to even receive such profound words from my WordPress family… Thank you for reading Teri and stay blessed 🤗💜❤️

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      1. You’re so kind but its your heartfelt writing that touches us all❣️
        I shared your poem with my teen daughter and she was the one who sighed when reading your poem.

        You spread love ❤️❤️🤗

        Don’t guilt yourself about not writing as much. You can only do what you can do and it’s so genuine 👍🏻

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