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This is my diary basically…

This is where I get to express my emotions, past, present and future experiences and ambitions in words. Since high school I have always been in love with literature, though I was more focused on Zulu, which is my home language… I wrote poems and short stories, though I lost all of them.

After high school life got complicated and busy so I stopped writing altogether, actually I even forgot that I was ever in love with it. Due to that reason, only a handful of people knew that I love writing…

Luckily a very close friend of mine noticed in our conversations that I have deep and amazing wisdom so he initiated the conversation about it… To cut a long story short, we are here today because of that conversation.

I pray that this wisdom works for you as well. The aim is to advise, listen and provide a shoulder when needed.

I am not a writer or a philosopher, I am just a born again black woman who loves expressing her emotions in a piece of paper.

… enjoy it!

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