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Diary Of An Infected Nation

We are watching, as the Coronavirus
wander our streets.
We are observing, as it’s callous behavior
destroys our nation.
We are staring, as our shamrock
is in jeopardy.

We calculate, as the bodies
of our loved ones pile up in morgues.
We evaluate, as the economy
of our country is near-standstill.
We compute, as the days
of the lockdown are endless.

We are in harm’s way
We do not have a say
We need to pray,
while we love each other at bay!

#FOWC, callous #WOTD, shamrock #3TC, watching, calculate, wander


Published by Zamadlomo Mkhabela

Christian 💫 | Worshipper 🙏 | Exhorter 🤝 | MC 🎤 | Information Technology 💻 | E-learning Content Builder 📲

6 thoughts on “Diary Of An Infected Nation

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